As a key project invested by JRR Capital, an angel investor of Binance, Distributed Credit Chain is the world’s first distributed banking public chain with a goal to establish a decentralized ecosystem for financial service providers around the world. By empowering credit with blockchain technology, DCC’s mission is to transform various financial services from the traditional, centralized model to a distributed, efficient model, which realizes true inclusive finance. On DCC’s decentralized, blockchain-based platform, individual users fully own and control their credit data. On one hand, blockchain technology prevents tampering, and users’ information is unique and secured. On the other hand, the ecosystem’s decentralized structure improves the efficiency and lowers the costs of credit verification.

Stewie Zhu
Mr. Zhu is a serial entrepreneur in the internet and Fintech industry and scholar with multiple advanced degrees from the world’s most prestigious universities. Before founding Distributed Credit Chain, Mr. Zhu was CEO of TN Tech, a leading SaaS financial technology company in China, where he led a team to develop internet-based credit systems for over a dozen of trusts with multibillion USD annual loan facilitation amount. Mr. Zhu was a Ph.D. candidate in Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science with research focus on finance and game theory. Mr. Zhu also holds Master of Science degree in Financial Economics from Oxford University, Master of Science degree in Statistics from Yale University, and Master of Arts degree in Statistic as well as bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Nanjing University.
Vanessa Cao
Years of experiences at Sequoia Capital,focus on early stage of fintech sector Director at Keywise CapitalPartner at Bridge Capital , focus on China A-share listed companies M&A(mainly Fintech ) Tsinghua University, master of business administration, CFA. Vanessa is mainly focused on DCC program’s ecological development.
Stone Shi
J.P. Morgan, Vice President, Quantitative Research, Focused on Derivative Pricing, Quantitative Model Risk HSBC, Internship, Rates, Education TELECOM, Ingenieur, Majored in Computer Science and Applied Maths Nanjing University, Majored in Electronic Science and Engineering
Daniel Lu
PhD in Mathematics, Yale University, USA; Postdoctoral Research in Financial Engineering, focusing on the Representation Theory, University of Leipzig, Germany Head of investment banking and asset management, general manager of financial department of a large commercial bank Years of experience in financial institutions at home and abroad, working successively at Deutsche Bank headquarters and Finance Department at a joint-stock bank headquarters. Possesses solid professional knowledge and research abilities, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at academic conferences and financial conferences in China and abroad. Specializes in capital & capital market business, asset management, bank assets and liabilities management, internal fund transfer pricing, product pricing, market risk management and modeling, financial derivatives pricing, and the Basel New Capital Accord in investment bank/commercial bank